What is Called to Serve and how does it work?

Called to Serve compiles your missionary email, pictures and other chosen content and generates it into a beautiful keepsake book. These “memories” contain experiences, growth, relationships, hardships and testimony that will continue to bless your family for generations to come.

Fast & Easy

The designing and preservation of your photos and email into book form is quick and easy. Through a simple import or upload process, you can create your book and preview it in less than 15 minutes! You will be amazed how easy it can be!

Beautiful & Long-Lasting

Your printed hardback full-color book is beautiful and archival-safe. Text can flow around the photos that correspond to the page. Instead of having the best intentions to reread memories from an email account, enjoy these memories at your fingertips.

Book Creator Features

The cover image is a photo of your choosing, and all text may be fully edited. Photos within the book may be rotated or contain captions. Users have the ability to select from predesigned layouts and may create a summary of the areas served.

1. How do I gather my missionary letters and pictures?
For returned missionary emails, use the import wizard in Called to Serve. The process is intuitive, easy and fast.
2. Do I have to provide my username and password to gather the emails?
To import emails, you will need to provide your user name and password. Called to Serve does not store any login information for your external accounts. We recommend changing your password before importing emails and changing it back after. The import process is usually complete within 15 minutes.

You can also add content one email at a time by copy and paste. This method takes longer. The email text is relatively quick to copy and paste; pictures take more time to save on your computer or flash drive and upload.
3. Can I import my emails directly from my MyLDSMail account?
Called to Serve does not import emails directly from MyLDSMail. After a mission, MyLDSMail provides a method to transfer email from the MyLDSMail account to a personal email account. Once the emails have been transferred, they can be imported into Called to Serve.
4. My myldsmail.net account has been deactivated. What do I do?
Soon after the conclusion of a mission, the MyLDSMail account will be deactivated. At log in, instructions will appear on-screen to transfer emails from your MyLDSMail account to a personal email account.
5. Some emails are missing from my book. What should I do?
Called to Serve retrieves emails from any folder in your email account. You can import email from multiple accounts (e.g. mom and dad), one account at a time. If you have additional email to include in your Called to Serve book, use the “New email” function to copy and paste.
6. How are the messages organized?
The messages are sorted chronologically and printed by date.
7. Who has access to read my messages?
The process of creating your Called to Serve book is automated, which means only you are involved in the creation of your book. If you need assistance, a customer service agent may access your account with your permission.
8. What about other Missionary communication such as Facebook posts?
Currently Called to Serve works with email. In the future we will capture other methods of Missionary communication.
9. I have saved my emails in a Word document (or other word processing file). Can Called to Serve create a book from that file?
Called to Serve creates books from email. Use the “New Email” function to copy and paste email into Called to Serve. Called to Serve cannot create a book directly from a word processing file.
10. What languages does Called to Serve support?
Called to Serve website and system are in English. Latin based languages are supported while creating a book. Called to Serve will add other languages over time. Send us a message if you want us to hurry it up.
11. How do I know my book is ready to print?
At any time during the creation of your book, you can preview by date or preview your entire book. Before you “PRINT” your book, you will be asked to review and approve the final version. You will then enter your shipping address and payment information, before your book is sent the printer for publication.

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